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October 13, 2013

Hi Nancy,

Normally I don’t toot my own horn, but I felt that you would like to know. At the 2001 MT Breeder’s Sale, I purchased Zippin Classy Pine (Pretty Classy Zip x Ribbons Jessica) as a bay weanling stud colt. While we tried many different events over the years, nothing seemed to be what either of us wanted to do, until we tried dressage. Finally Zippy and I hit on something that really made sense. This year was our first outing at rated United States Dressage Federation – USDF – shows and I was lucky enough to find AQHA approved shows in Idaho and here in Montana. This week I checked with AQHA and we have earned 19 points in Dressage Training Level, Amateur and currently are sitting 2nd in the nation. And we have just begun!

Thank you,

Linda B. & Zippy

Zans Echol Pine, x Pretty Classy Zip,  a 10 year old out of Zips Panda Page
August 9, 2013

Nancy, this horse is my FB cover photo and Pretty Classy Zip is his grandsire. This is Zans Echol Pine, a 10 year old out of Zips Panda Page (a PBQH broodmare again) out of Kizzie Page x Ribbon Page, and by Pretty Classy Zip. Pine's sire is Zandular x Zan Parr Bar and a Sugar Bars daughter.

Pine has turned into a great horse and will do just about anything you ask of him. I have had great success with him as a barrel horse running mainly 1D/2D times, but my son heads and heels on him with equal success.

Wendy M. Columbia Falls, MT

Profits ScooterJuly 16, 2013
If all Profit colts had temperaments like this, and were this athletic, willing, and had this kind of personality; I would NEVER own anything else!!
Katie M., Chester, MT

May 29, 2013

Thought you would like to know that the filly has settled in without a fuss. We already have a “Breeze”, so we are calling her “Prairie”. My vet came yesterday and freeze branded her – again no fuss. So she is officially part of the Hayden Ranch, joined the family so to speak. She follows me around and says hello when she sees me coming to feed. I’ve got her acclimated to grass now so tomorrow she will join big sister in the pasture. I talked to a really good trainer about starting her late in the summer. He specializes in reining and I think that will give her a good start. Hope things are slowing down a little for you now. Keep in touch if you have time. Have a great summer! Thanks for a really nice horse.

Pat, Hayden Ranch, MT

May 13, 2013

My Profit Wiggins is doing great. I love roping on her and won money at jackpots team roping on her as a 4 year old!! She has finally matured enough to barrel race but she wants to go too fast! Nothing major...just needs to figure out how to drop her ass a little more when going mock 80 into a turn! This mare can flat fly. I have only entered her 4 times. The first time she clocked a solid 2D time..I thought it was good for her cause I never know what to expect.

Kristi S., Billings, MT

October 11, 2012

Hi Nancy, thought you might like to see this video of Taryn and Zips Classy Jolie x Pretty Classy Zip. Taryn Brown purchased Jolie from me about two years ago and has won several thousand on her in Canada and the US.
Janna P.

February 19, 2012

I thought you might like to hear that Breeze, aka Dashin Jet, who is by Royal Three Dash, earned her first paycheck at a barrel race last weekend. It was only the second time I ran her too! I am so happy with her. She really wants to please and is a big lover with me. Seems like each time I work with her I see improvement. One of the nicest things about her is how she takes everything in stride and doesn’t get upset about things. You need to get some more of your young stud’s colts out there competing!

How is Lea doing? When is she due to foal? We didn’t forget that we promised you some turkey feathers, but all our turkeys vanished as soon as the snow melted last spring. It was a terrible spring for nesting last year and not much snow this winter. I don’t know where the turkeys are. Hope the wolves didn’t eat them!

Hope the foaling season goes well for you and your horse business does well.

Best wishes,


September 09, 2011

Dear Larry and Nancy,
Well, we made it home after the Sale with Dashin N Cashin x Dr J. We are so excited. I have walked him every day. He has such a calm personality and such a long stride. It is amazing. Looking forward to spending a lot of time training him and seeing how fast he will be. I'll keep you updated.
Thanks again.
Tina L., Malta, ID

August 30, 2011
Hi Nancy,
Here is a picture of Mr Profiteer that I snapped the other day after riding him. He appears near black but he had just received a bath after a long ride. It was hot!
However, he is now a gelding....really due to no fault of his own. I am getting to many horses in comparison to my time to ride. I knew if I kept him a stud that I would just continue to breed him and have colts. Then the next problem is....I can't seem to sell them!!!! :)
Regardless, he is still as awesome as ever and I can't wait to start running him this coming winter!
I hope that you have a great sale. We got the catalog....what a beautiful set of colts!
God Bless,
Kori S.

August 27, 2011 9:20 PM
Subject: Dr J filly

Hi Nancy -

I just got in the house from admiring the filly (Dashin Classy Chick). I have never seen a horse with such common sense and wonderful mind. She hauled like a champ and when I got her home she simply looked around, and walked out of the trailer as quietly as though she had done it a hundred times. I took her to her pen and she started eating and just walking around - I couldn't believe my eyes - what a smart little filly!! Well I could brag on her for longer than I've even know her :o)
Anyway - the point is - she has a new knick name. Her adoring public were arguing about her mark on her face. Some thought it was a heart and others a diamond.....soooo....her new knickname is dart (diamond/heart). It is kind of cute and dart's are usually fast so I agreed. I wanted to name her Dolce (spanish for sweet) but no one could pronounce it so I caved in to popular demand and "dart" it is.

It is going to be hard to sleep tonight because if I ever saw a chance for the NFR it would be her. Speed and that amazing disposition - the possibilities are endless!! But that will be many years from now so with that thought - good night and thank you!


August 03, 2011
Hi Nancy,

Are you booking Profit and Dr J for the 2012 season soon?

We have a 3 y.o. filly that we bred for out of Pretty Classy Zip that we are so happy with!
When my daughter was 11 y.o. we researched many stallions that would cross well on her Dash for Cash mare and found three that we liked in Montana , and she ultimately picked Pretty Classy Zip out all by herself. She has taken the little filly for her colt to maturity project and we just love the way she is progressing. She is smart, quick, black and absolutely beautiful ~ Thank you so much!

Thanks Again!
Tanya W.

July 12, 2011
Hi Nancy,

My neighbor girl is riding a Profit filly out of a Signature mare for Garrisons-she is stunning and doing so well-very classy!! Kylene and Justine Reynolds riding her is like free advertisement, too!!
Mykal K., Wisdom, MT

June 20, 2011
Hi Nancy,

Just thought I would send you a quick message. Not sure if you remember, but my husband Rod and I bought Mr Profiteer (we call him Profit) in your 2007 sale. I just wanted to tell you how much we love him, and are so proud to call him ours! We ended up leaving him a stallion and have two very nice colts out of him thus far. We have a yearling gelding and a 2011 filly. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on him! I will send some pictures of him soon!
I always enjoy your pictures of your beautiful blessed you must feel to own "Profit" who sires such awesome horses!
Take Care,
Kori S.

June 18, 2011

Wiggins x Profit is doing great...the guy that I had start her took a job on a ranch this summer. I just got her back after spending a month there. I haven't ridden her yet because she had a nasty abscess on one of her feet. He doctored cattle on her and fenced and all the works... and wanted to buy her. She has a big brain. She is amazing. I just watched her run across the pasture. I have a fast horse. Effortless. Take Care!! I will try to get you some pics... I am bad about that..sorry!
Kristi S.

June 13, 2011
Hi Nancy,

Thought you would enjoy a few new pictures of Bonita. I took her to "school" last Sunday. She had not hauled in my slant load trailer & she just walked right in. I went down yesterday to see how she was doing and was happy to hear she is doing AWESOME!!!!! Of course I was expecting to hear that being as she is a smarty!! Steve (the trainer) pulled her out of the stall and just jumped on her bareback with a halter and lead only. I am sooooo excited to ride her when I get her back from her 30 days. I am saving some money to take with me to the sale in Sept. I need another Profit baby!! Hope all is well!

Bobbie R.

January 18, 2011
Hi Nancy!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!! Thank you so much for the day planner. I love it!! Thought you would like to see an update of Miss Bonita, aka Silk n Profits. She is having to trek through about 20 inches of snow! Me too when I feed!! haha She is wonderful & I of course still LOVE HER!!! Keep warm!! Here is a photo from a warmer day.
Bobbie R.

November 5, 2010
Hi Nancy,

I rode my Profit filly for the 1st time today. She is two. I had my guy put 15 rides on her first. You cannot believe the things she can do already. He is a great trainer but I have never had one do the things she is doing after 15 rides. I feel truly blessed. She is the last foal I had out of my mare before I sold her. She has a big motor and a huge brain. And her gosh, she is "impossibe not to love". If something happens to my 7 year old mare I am bringing her to be bred by Profit. I feel so blessed! I hope you guys are doing well.

Kristi S. Billings, MT

October 18, 2010
Hey you!
I got on Diesel, aka Profits Czar, for the first time last week and have been driving him. He has been a great colt to work with.
He is so smooth to ride not gangly like most colts, and also very smart!! I’ll try and send you some pictures of him soon.
Have a great day!!
(photo on left- Leslie and Diesel as a weanling at 2009 MBG Sale).

February 11, 2010
Hi Nancy,
I am absolutely so in love with Wheels, aka Profits Signature, that I can't stop thinking about Passion's 2 year old. I am so excited to start training and riding again. Wheels has surpassed my expectations. Will keep you posted. I can't wait to ride him. :) Happy Valentine's Day!
Amy W.

Dashin Alexandria in the snowJanuary 11, 2010
Larry and Nancy,
Thank you so much for pink hat, I love it a lot. Dashin Alexandra is doing great.
We call her Baby Alex because that is my name, but she is so sweet and we love her :) .
thanks so much,
Alexandra D.
(Alexandra purchased Dashin Alexandra, by Royal Three Dash at the 2009 MBG Sale.)



January 5, 2010
Shoco Red WingHello,
We have a 9 yr old gelding x Royal Three Charge out of a mare x Pretty Classy Zip and we call him Zip, registered name, Shoco Red Wing. My husband Pat heads on him, and has placed in several PRCA rodeos on him when he was 7 yrs old. We bought him from Mark and Mary Salmon, Choteau, MT when he was a five year old. Last year he was a fantastic jackpot horse, not to mention he is an amazing kids' horse. We just love him and thought you might want a couple of pictures of him today. We will let you know his future accomplishments.

Thank you, Pat and Jeanine P., Missoula, MT

Royal Turbo ChargeSeptember 25, 2009 8:32 PM
Subject: Roy
Sorry it's taken me so long to get a picture of our colt by Dr. J. Summer just flew by as usual.  Roy, our gelding by Dr J, sure is nice and rides like a Cadillac--I'm really excited about his future as a barrel horse.

Take Care,
Elaine H., Pavillion, WY

Nichole and ProfitSeptember 19, 2009
Larry & Nancy:
Thanks ever so much for the warm welcome and for taking the time  to tour Angie, Corby & I around your ranch.  It is as beautiful as the horses themselves!

The absolute highlight of my trip was to be in the same pen with "Profit Increase"; What a thrill!

Thanks again.
Take Care and we look forward to seeing you next year!
Nichole D.

April 21, 2009
Nancy and Larry,
I first saw Docs Profit Sea x Profit Increase , aka "Zander" as a young foal galloping with his mother four years ago. It is a profile that I will never forget. His excellent balance, carriage and ease of movement which when I inspected him 'in-hand' confirmed what I had seen as a blur, a near perfectly conformed colt. There is a saying that goes, if you like them at 3 hrs, 3 days and 3 months old, then you probably will like them as a 3 year old. I bought him as a 4 month old colt and I still like him as a 4 year old.

I have broken, trained and competed over 50 horses at varying stages of progress. Several horses that I bought out of a field and resold have became renowned competitors and one went as far as the 1994 Olympics. I have been told, (but don't believe it), that I have an eye for a horse, though now I am inclined to have more faith in my own council due to Zander.

Zander in the waterAs a yearling, he went out with herd on pasture and during that winter I played with saddles and a simple bridle just letting him have fun showing off his new clothes to his buddies. In the spring as a 2 year old, we continued the fun with the saddle and bridle, adding in some round pen work and then some long lining through the fields and trails and over the streams. Around July, I climbed on him and rode around the pen in both directions for a few minutes. We did this quite a bit over the summer, never more than 10 minutes on his back but always adding a little flourish, like a change of direction at the trot and backing up. Other little games that have always seemed to be invaluable tools later on we did, like moving the hind quarter only at a soft squeeze of the leg or moving the front end with a light opposing rein. Zander was always attentive and eager to please. Any correction he took to heart and tried harder the next time. He was a great colt to work with and he just kept growing and so that autumn when the weather turned windy and wondrous, I hung up the tack and let him play and grow.

We started the next spring about the same as the previous, refreshing the lessons and then pressing on by riding out on the hills and in the ring. I also used him to pony a couple of horses I was starting. Zander had grown in height and his hind quarters also seemed to be blooming so that he commanded quite a powerful look to humans and other horses. Because his knees we not fully closed, I only began jumping him late in the summer and then it was just over 2 ft. logs and some gymnastic exercises that required little effort, yet instilled the sense of moving forward with balance at the jump. Nearly three years had passed and I still liked him, now even more as he continued to develop mentally and physically. He remained eager to please and very athletic.

Zander jumpingThis year he is 4 and ready to begin a light but vigorous competition season as an event horse. His natural balance and desire to move forward with elasticity and suppleness are traits that are difficult to instill by training alone. I believe that these are inherited characteristics that can be embellished by good training or can be dormant or destroyed by poor methods. In any case, whether he becomes an upper level success or remains at the lower levels, he will perform well and exhibit the correctness of his lineage. He would have been a splendid racehorse and if I had the knowledge in that area I might have chosen that career for him. As we begin our series of competitions I hope that each one sets a higher goal in turn and that the final result is a horse prepared to compete and win among the best company. I have no doubt that he will achieve this and I am equally pleased to have another Profit Increase yearling to start next year and a new baby due in May 2009. I am truly blessed.

We are looking forward to many small events within MT, WY, and CO and most especially to the Young Horse Event series for 4 Year Olds in CO and at Rebecca Farms in MT. This is a new division within the USEA intended as a breeding incentive for competitive sport horses. It is judged on conformation as it relates to three day eventing; performance as a dressage horse and a shortened jumping course including show and cross country jumps.
Leslie S., Sun River, MT, owner

January 11, 2009
Oh I forgot to tell you, Larry brought in Hooch by Dr J and has started him......he LOVES him.......said he's one of the smartest ever! He said I made the right choice with breeding Sue to Dr. J (Royal Three Dash ) ......! I can't believe he's so surprised as much as he loves Dr. J. Hooch is really a cool horse though, so laid back, but not lazy.....I really like him.
JuliJo K., Great Falls, MT

July 23, 2008
Here is a update on Jolie (Zips Classy Jolie).  She has won right at $2000 at this point this year so far, several 1/2/3D Average awards and won the Average in the Open at the Cardston Futurity/Derby in their Open Barrel race. They don't have the BRN4D standings up dated for the new year yet 2008/2009 but I should be in the top 5.   I have ran her at a few Canadian Pro Rodeos this spring and she has done very well. I hope to rodeo on her this coming year as she is super solid.  Hope all is well, Jana

June 19, 2008
Hi Nancy -
Just thought I would send you a quick email and give you an update on all your "kids" that I have :o). Denali is doing awesome and will be the horse I haul most this summer. Dani's baby "Whizmo" is so wonderful to work with and even better to look at :o). But best of all is Dani. She is such a God send for Chance. Thank you so much for letting us buy her. They are the best of friends and inseparable. When we go somewhere there always has to be room for her or I don't think we would get Chance in the truck!!! She is so great with him when we go and ride outside - if there is something the other horses are scared of he just looks at us at says, "me and Froggy (I know that is the most awful name but that is what he has always called her) better go first and show you guys."
I am going to get some pictures of him riding her and I will email some to you.
I hope you are having a good summer and all is well with you guys -
Tina B.


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